Journals & Sketchbooks

We have many customers who have used our Journals and Sketchbooks for years or even decades to draw, sketch and keep their journal.

Like all of our books, we make them by hand in our studio. We bind the books in a tradiitonal binding and we sew our book blocks by hand. The books are made to stay flat when they are opened. 

We offer many different cover styles using beautiful printed and textured papers from around the world. 

We make the inside pages using an 80# (118 gsm) text paper in natural white with deckled edges. The paper has a textured surface and works well with pens, pencils and felt pens. Some of our customers even use it for watercolors.

Books are available with standard 92 pages (46 leaves,) or optionally 188 pages (94 leaves,) and are available in different formats.

Sketchbooks and Journals only differ in their size. Journals are available in two sizes, in a taller format than Sketchbooks. Journals are available with either blank or lined pages. The lines are a soft gray color, spaced 1/4" apart.

Sketchbooks are wider and have a more square format that is more suitable for sketching and drawing. They are available in three sizes but only with blank pages. 

Our leather bound books are special. Currently available in the small (5"x7") blank format with approx 180 pages, they are unique books of extraordinary beauty and elegance. We will be offering more sizes, but if you are looking for a special design, please ask us and we're happy to work with you on a unique book just for you.