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We make every book to order and, usually, all books are spoken for before we make them. 

That said, over the year we accrue a collection of books that for one reason or another ended up without an owner and they sit in our hutch in the corner of the bindery. 

There are various reasons for these homeless books: Some are there because the buyer changed their mind after we made the book - they wanted a different cover or style; some books are books we just made to try out a new style or cover paper. Others are there because they have small imperfections and we decided to remake them. 

So it's time to clear out the hutch and offer these books for sale at a nice saving to you. Every book is one of a kind, and subject to prior sale and the pictures are of the actual book you're buying. We'll try to explain what's wrong with the book (if anything) so you know what you're getting.