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"The question is constantly asked, especially by women, if a living can be made by setting up as bookbinders. Cheap binding can most economically be done in large workshops, but probably the best bindings can be done more satisfactorily by binders working alone, or in very small workshops."

Douglas Cockerell. Bookbinding, and the Care of Books / A handbook for Amateurs, Bookbinders & Librarians, 1901


Watermark Bindery is a small bookbindery owned and operated by Diane Thierry and Viktor Grabner.  As a team we create unique and beautiful blank books that are as functional as they are beautiful.  Our books are created and shipped from Marrowstone Island which is located in the northwest corner of the United States.




Watermark Bindery books are made to order with stunning detail from distinctive papers and book cloths from around the world.  Each book is traditionally made using tools and equipment that has been in use for many decades.  We offer our customers case bound Journals, Guest Books, Photo Albums and Sketchbooks. Each book block is hand sewn and quarter bound with cloth at the spine and a decorative paper on the cover.  Our book covers are made one by one, and we're happy to vary the design and create something unique from the many cloths and papers we carry. Every book spends at least three hours in our vintage cast iron book press, and then a few hours under bricks before Diane inspects and signs it.  Your book starts its journey at our tiny Post Office in Nordland, Washington.  We love connecting our little island to the rest of the world! Read here how we make our books.


We offer impeccable customer service and we are proud to have loyal customers who have been buying books from us since Watermark Bindery started in 1973. We create a limited number of books each year and hand sign each one before they leave the studio.  This attention to quality and detail guarantees our customers they will receive a book they will cherish for many, many years.  


Because we are small, efficient and hand sew our book blocks we have the flexibility to create a personalized title page to make your book truly special and one of a kind.   Imagine adding a date, photo, special thought or quote to the beginning of your book. Viktor will work closely with you to make your book special and perfect for its intended purpose.  We are as proud to be part of joyful ceremonies as well as somber ones.


While we are mostly focused on making books and albums in our standard sizes, we can accommodate some custom work. Please contact us to get the conversation started. 


As bookbinders, we have the opportunity to make the first creative statement.  However the book is only complete once pen, pencil, brush or your photos are taken to it. 


Thank you and we wish our Best, 

Diane Thierry and Viktor Grabner