Free Returns!

Free Returns!

Posted by Viktor (Bookbinder) on Dec 31st 2016

Happy New Year!

Now that we've spent lots of money on lots of things for ourselves or to give away, we're thinking about returning some of these items. There are various reasons - wrong size, wrong color. Or it's really not what we wanted "thank you, you shouldn't have.. no really...".  Or we just indulged, giving in to the promise of "free returns."

There are no free returns.  

Our policy is that if you're not happy with your book, we make it right. We'll replace the book, or we will take it back and refund your money. We always have had that policy, but we have very few returns. We try to make our books well enough that folks love them, and don't want to return them. 

Still, it does happen that some folks want to return a book. That's ok, we will work with them. Our policy is pretty simple - we want you to be treated the way we like to be treated. Pretty basic. 

In return we ask that you work with us to make sure the book you get is the book you really wanted. We will send you pictures, mock-ups and samples. We'll answer questions and talk with you about it until you're sure you know what it is we make for you. 

There are good reasons for that. 

For one thing, we make every book to order, and each book is made by the two of us. We love to make your book and have it be center of our attention. And while we make your book, we don't make anyone else's.. Time is precious, and we put a lot of it into our books.

Beyond our time and the cost of materials, there is an expense in time and energy to deliver this book to your house. If you return it, those costs double. Someone pays for it, but more so, the energy, CO2 and productivity spent on - what? - return something to its origin! Our environment certainly pays for it. 

Help us save the planet. Help us save our time and effort. Let's make all of our books go one way only. 

PS: Personal guilt inspired this article. I ordered a pair of slippers from a well known online retailer who advertises "free returns" as a major selling point. The shoes don't fit. Not even close. It's not their fault - I was hoping I could make it work. Now I have to return these shoes and buy another pair.. and I feel terrible about all that energy that will be spent to make it right. Now there will be another UPS truck down out driveway and more CO2 put in the environment... so hopefully I do a better job with the next pair!