Ordering a Custom Book

Ordering a Custom Book

Posted by Viktor (Bookbinder) on Feb 14th 2017

We make every book to order. 

Whether you order a photo album for a wedding or a Guest Book for a Memorial, a custom made book is a treasure to remember a special occasion. 

Making it for you, to order, means that your book "has your name on it" from its very beginning. We have many different styles and variations, so we don't try to keep all the different variations in stock. We keep our order volume low and we don't do large quantity orders, so our turnaround is always reasonable (we usually ship within three days of your order.)

Making each book to order also means we can truly personalize it for you. Our standard order form shows various personalization options, but we can do more if you like - more or fewer pages - different sizes - special options on personalization - custom printed page - all these are part of what we can do. We have a number of interesting tools of our craft available - digital printing, hot foil stamping, letter presses, and even a lead type casting machine. So let your imagination go - we'll reign you in if you go overboard!

Feel free to contact us if you like something special. We love to make the book just for you. If you want a custom sized book, it does cost more - we have to vary our process and have to custom cut and prepare materials, but you get the exact book you like, and it's worth it. 

We'll give you a quote based on your specification and help you make the right decisions. It's a collaborative process and we love working with you in creating just what you have in mind.